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Austrians take to streets ahead of country’s full COVID-19 lockdown this Monday

Around 50,000 Austrians took to the streets on Saturday to protest a national lockdown to be implemented as of Monday due to surges in coronavirus cases in the country, Anadolu Agency reports.

Far-right groups also took part in the protests, raising the tension with the police.

Austrian police said that a total of 10 people were arrested during the protests.

According to the US-based Johns Hopkins University on Saturday, the country confirmed over 1 million cases and more than 11,990 deaths from the virus.

Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said at a news conference on Friday that the lockdown would last for a maximum of 20 days.

Schallenberg also announced that the country will make vaccination compulsory as of Feb. 1, 2022.

The move came days after Austria announced that it will impose a curfew on those who are not fully vaccinated.

21 November 2021 12:57 - XARİCİ XƏBƏRLƏR

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