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Events at Armenian-Azerbaijani border show region is still volatile — Putin

The recent events at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border show the situation in the region remains volatile and requires that Russian peacekeepers stay on to guarantee stability, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, according to TASS.

"A year ago, the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh was stopped, with Russia making considerable mediation efforts,’’ he said at a meeting of senior staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry. ‘’However the recent shooting at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border showed that the situation in the region hasn’t settled down completely yet.’’

"To ensure stability, the Russian peacekeeping force is very much needed as a guarantor of the ceasefire regime and security of the civilian population,’’ Putin said.

Russia has a larger role to play in the efforts to settle controversies between Azerbaijan and Armenia, rebuild economic ties in the region and unblock transportation links, he said. The outlook is promising as all countries in the region are interested in a long-term solution, he said.

19 November 2021 11:21 - Politic

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