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Fuzuli Airport granted international status and assigned IATA code

The Fuzuli Airport has received international status. The relevant order was signed by the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Ali Asadov.

Thus, the Fuzuli Airport is open for international flights. This will foster the development of the tourism potential of Karabakh.

The decision to grant international status was taken following the completion of all construction and installation works in the air harbor of Fuzuli, press service of Azerbaijan Airlines CJSC

told "Xalqqazeti.com".

In addition, the airport was assigned a three-letter code by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) consisting of letters of the Latin alphabet - FZL. This code is associated with the name of the city where the airport is located - Fuzuli.

IATA airport codes are of great importance for passenger transportation. They are used by airlines, ticket agencies, international booking systems, etc.

Earlier, the Fuzuli Airport was assigned the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) code - UBBF.

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