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State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan announces request for quotations



In accordance with requirements of the Law on Public Procurement of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State Tou­rism Agency of the Republic of Azerba­ijan announces a request for quotation for opening and implementation of Rep­resentative Office of the State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Both resident and non-resident juridical persons, or union of juridical persons (consortiums included) with qualified staff and relevant experience in installation of exhibition stands are invited to take part in the request for quotation.

Bidders must submit following documents in order to participate in the request for quotation:

1. Filled-in application form;

2. Quotation valid for a minimum of 30 banking days after the opening date of quotation envelopes;

3. Bank guarantee in amount of 1% of the quotation (to be valid at least 30 bank days more than the validity period of quotation)

4. Reference document from rele­vant tax or social security authorities confirming the absence of any overdue taxes or other mandatory payments;

5. Financial statement approved by relevant state body (bodies) on the bidder's activities for the last 12 months;

6. Certificate of conviction;

7. Bank statement on the bidder’s financial status for the last 12 months;

8. Certified copies of the bidder’s original registration documents and any amendments to them (including the full name, legal status, country of incor­poration, and main place of business of the bidder) and the bidder’s bank details;

9. Document confirming the autho­rity of the person to sign the quotation and the procurement contract;

10. Document confirming type of ownership (micro/small/medium or large);

11. Documents confirming the bidder’s relevant work experience du­ring past three years;

12. Project staff (CV);

13. All other documents specified in the Terms of Reference.

In case the bidders wish to par­ticipate in the request for quotation by creating a consortium, they must submit the consortium agreement as well as the above-mentioned necessary documents and information on all mem­bers of the consortium.

Bidders should submit their quota­tions enclosed in double sealed and signed envelope. Bidders from the Republic of Azerbaijan should submit all their document in the state language of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Bidders from foreign countries should submit all their documents in their respecti­ve languages together with a copy in Azerbaijani language. In case of any discrepancies copies in Azerbaijani will prevail.

Bidders should prepare their quo­tations in line with the requirements of the Terms of Reference and submit it along with other required documents by October 14, 2021 (18.00) at the address of Landmark I, 3rd floor, 96E Nizami str., Baku AZ1010 (сontact person Mehman Bayramov). Envelo­pes submitted later than the indicated deadline will be returned without being opened.

The envelopes will be opened on October 15, 2021 (at 12.00) at Land­mark I, 3rd floor, 96E Nizami str., Baku AZ1010. The envelopes will be opened and quotations will be announced on the sequence of their submission with participation of authorized representati­ves of the bidders.

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