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Special Representative of Azerbaijani President: Shusha’s historical appearance will be restored

“Shusha’s historical appearance will be restored,” Special Representative of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Shusha Aydin Karimov. 

“Shusha is the cultural capital of Azerbaijan. Life and the overall atmosphere in Shusha will be substantially different. There will be no heavy industrial enterprises in the city. We are planning to build cultural and touristic facilities, and thus develop those particular areas,” he said.

“The works are underway on the projects regarding the restoration of 15 historical and architectural monuments. In the next two months, we will begin the restoration works. The Museum Mausoleum Complex and bust of Molla Panah Vagif, as well as the House Museum of People's Artist of Bulbul have already been restored and opened for visitors,” the Special Representative of the President in Shusha added.

21 September 2021 11:00 - Social
8 November 2021 | 09:00
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