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Defense Ministry: Positions of Azerbaijani Army subjected to fire along entire length of state border

“On July 16, from 20:40 to 22:30, and on July 17 at about 01:00, the Armenian armed forces units in the positions in the territory of Yukhari Shorzha village of Basarkechar region, and from the direction of Mosesgekh village of Berd region using small arms have periodically fired at the positions of the Azerbaijan Army in the direction of Istisu village in Kalbajar region and Aghdam village of Tovuz region accordingly,” Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense told "Xalqqazeti.com".

“On July 17, at 08:30, the Armenian armed forces units located near Arazdeyen village of Vedi region using various caliber weapons subjected to fire the Azerbaijan Army’s positions in the direction of Sadarak region of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic,” the ministry said.

“Retaliation fire was inflicted to suppress the fire activity of the opposing side.

The Azerbaijan Army did not suffer any losses,” the ministry added.

17 July 2021 11:15 - Social

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