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Chinas Ruili closes city proper amid COVID-19 resurgence

The city of Ruili in southwest China's Yunnan Province on Wednesday closed off its city proper and asked all residents to undergo home quarantine, according to Xinhua.

The city, hit by a recent COVID-19 resurgence, said that schools will suspend classes, restaurants will only be able to offer takeout services, and all establishments will be closed with the exception of some markets, hospitals and pharmacies.

The government will ensure necessities are supplied to the doorsteps of residents, according to the city's headquarters for COVID-19 prevention and control.

Ruili's city proper has a population of approximately 270,000.

Ruili, which lies along China's border with Myanmar, has been reporting new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases since July 4. On Tuesday, it reported 15 locally transmitted confirmed cases and two locally transmitted asymptomatic cases.




7 July 2021 16:15 - XARİCİ XƏBƏRLƏR

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