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EU-funded initiative supports trainings for medical staff in Azerbaijan

Healthcare professionals in Azerbaijan completed a special training course, organised as a part of the “Solidarity in Health Initiative”, funded by the European Union and implemented jointly by EU and World Health Organisation (WHO).

As a result of the training, 34 healthcare workers will become trainers on infection control and case management and on providing primary health care services under COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

The ‘Solidarity in Health Initiative’ supports the six Eastern partner countries in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic and strengthens national health systems’ capacities to prevent, prepare for, detect and respond to public health emergencies. This initiative of over €35 million has already provided substantial medical supplies across the region, including over 11 million items of personal protective equipment, 12,000 lab kits, over 1500 ventilators, oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeters, and over 20,000 PCR testing kits.

12 February 2021 11:17 -

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