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ANAMAs Demining Groups employee hit by anti-personnel mine in Taghibayli village, Aghdam

ANAMAs Demining Group's Team Leader Elmaddin Tofig Mirzayev, born on 4 July 1983, while on duty in the liberated Taghibayli village, Aghdam district was hit by anti-personnel mine buried by the enemy, resulting in traumatic amputation of his left leg ankle and was heavily wounded by multiple fragments.

ANAMAs press service reports that currently, Mirzayev Elmaddin is placed in the Aghdam District Central Hospital and his condition is serious but stable.

The agency emphasizes once again that these areas are liberated from occupation and for security reasons, without special permission the entry of civilians into the area is strictly prohibited.

29 January 2021 15:14 - Social
8 November 2021 | 09:00
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