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Azerbaijani MP: Anti-Iranian sanctions have no impact on SGC, testifying its importance

The fact that anti-Iranian sanctions have not covered the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) project is very important from the point of view of correct assessment of the existing geostrategic reality and the interests of Europe in energy security, Azerbaijani MP Hikmat Babaoglu told Trend Aug. 8.

“Azerbaijan, which is the author of this project, was able to accurately calculate all possible risks and prospects for its implementation,” he said.

Babaoglu also said that Azerbaijan, which is one of the important actors of modern international energy relations, has created such geostrategic reality together with its strategic partners that the interests of all participating countries coincide.

"This is not easy but Azerbaijan has been able to achieve that,” he said. “Even when sanctions are imposed, Azerbaijan's interests are viewed as a special exception. The Southern Gas Corridor project will unite seven countries with 12 different investors and 12 different buyers.”

"This will also be the first pipeline connecting the Caspian region, which has big energy reserves, to the EU producers,” he said. “This pipeline will act as a new alternative to the energy security of Europe. Europe greatly needs such an alternative source at the current stage of tense international relations.”

Therefore, US President Donald Trump’s support for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which is part of the Southern Gas Corridor, during a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Washington, was of great importance.

“Such mega-projects being implemented by Azerbaijan also strengthen the country's position in the system of international relations and increase its role,” he said. "This creates a solid foundation for ensuring our national interests and territorial integrity."


Masaim Abdullayev,

“Khalq qazeti”


9 August 2018 09:29 - Interview

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