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Pashinyan, clueless as always, betrays Russia again

Another attempt to attack Azerbaijan by committing provocation on the front on September 27 cost Armenia dearly. By conducting counter-offensive measures, the Azerbaijani Army brought the enemy to its knees. The Azerbaijani flag is already waving in Jabrayil, Fizuli and Zangilan, and Azerbaijani servicemen continue to advance in the direction of Gubadli.

While Azerbaijan liberating its occupied territories, Armenia's dreams of getting support from the world came to grief: it did not get support from Russia on which he hoped and trusted. The West and Europe also ignored official Yerevan and Pashinyan, because, over the last period Azerbaijan has established very successful diplomatic relations with the world and gained an advantage on the Karabakh issue as a rightful party.

Thus, Armenia, that was defeated on the battlefield and at the diplomatic level, could not get support from any external power. Now, the country is in fact on the threshold of destruction. Realizing that it could not resolve the issue with Azerbaijan alone, Armenia asked Russia for help, but Russia did not interfere.

When this is the case, the state of Armenia and its Prime Minister Pashinyan decided to betray Russia, which they consider as their supporter. Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan has sent President Sarkissian to Brussels to attend the meetings, which will be held within the framework of NATO. Today, the President of Armenia met with the NATO Secretary-General.

During the meeting, Armeni Sarkissian complained about Armenia's failure to receive the expected support and assistance from the CSTO and Russia.

Now, Sargsyan and the NATO Secretary-General make joint statements. No matter what they say, what is happening behind the scenes is completely different!

According to information leaked to the media, delivering Pashinyan's message to the Secretary-General, Sarkissian said that Armenia is ready to turn away from Russia due to its failure to get open support from it, to withdraw the Russian army from Armenia (!) and leave the CSTO. In return for this, Armenia expects NATO to support them in the Karabakh war.


Earlier, Pashinyan openly stated that after the war, Armenia will focus its foreign policy on moving closer to NATO and the European Union. Of course, he aimed to do this without breaking ties with Russia and damaging its position in Armenia.

However, Pashinyan, who is now unable to stand against the Azerbaijani army, betrayed Russia. 

The interesting thing is that the Armenian Armed Forces are facing a shortage of personnel, therefore, Armenia withdrew its peacekeeping forces from Kosovo and Afghanistan.

At the same time, despite Armenia's outpost in the Caucasus region, particularly in recent years, it has expanded cooperation with NATO and bilateral military cooperation with many European countries, as well as Germany, Poland, Greece, France and Italy. This country has  also been represented in international peacekeeping missions aiming to cover up its aggressive policy and create the impression that they are peace-loving. Therefore, Pashinyan hoped to get support from Europe and the West in the war with Azerbaijan.

However, all this has failed over the past period. At present, Armenia, acting like a strong supporter of Russia, is seeking to receive support from NATO by selling the Kremlin out.

However, this "policy of betrayal" will undoubtedly cost him the earth. Firstly, Russia will not forgive him for this betrayal. On the other hand, NATO will not embrace him as soon as Azerbaijan liberates its occupied territories.

Even if it does, there is no doubt that Russia will punish Armenia very badly for it. Putin does not forgive betrayals ...

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