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Amina Dilbazi - 100

She was a beloved dancer, who was always cheered by audience. Amina Khanum Dilbazi was the coryphée of Azerbaijan's national art of dancing. Her name is still honored and kept alive with feelings of great respect and admiration.

Her art of dancing has always been highly appreciated by the state and people of Azerbaijan. President Ilham Aliyev has recently issued an order on celebration of the 100th birth anniversary of People’s Artist Amina Dilbazi. The Order reads: “Amina Dilbazi had rendered exceptional services to preserving and cherishing the century’s-old traditions of Azerbaijani art of dancing. She had always demonstrated high artistic quality during her long-time career as a professional dancer and enriched the valuable examples of folk dances bringing to them new shades thanks to her natural talent and unique performance. Amina Dilbazi, whose rich repertoire also included wide range of dances belonging to various world peoples, had also contributed to Azerbaijani art of dancing with her successful performances at prestigious international competitions and festivals. She was also recognized as a professional dancer who worked as a dance instructor in films, plays and operas, and as an artistic director of several professional dance ensembles. Amina Dilbazi’s activity towards teaching the younger generation the subtleties of choreography is praiseworthy.”

The commemorative events to honor the memory of Azerbaijani People’s Artist Amina Dilbazi will be held, documentaries highlighting her activities will be screened and memorable events will be organized and etc.

Speaking of the documentaries, I suddenly remembered one of the films devoted to the life and activity of Amina Dilbazi.  One of her stunning dance performances at a wedding ceremony in Qazakh region is forever engraved in my memory. Everyone in the wedding hall was waiting for her to dance. And here she is - a young and beautiful teenager came out of the crowd into the audience with slow steps. Everyone felt momentarily amazed by the girl, who started floating her hands out into the air in harmony with the rhythms of music. She was dancing as if she was engraving something into the sky and the earth with unique movements of her hands and feet. She kept on dancing. The spirit of her homeland had renewed her senses. Those who were watching her to dance had probably seen how happy she was in those moments. She was indeed a happy person. The art of this beautiful dancer, who devoted her entire life to choreography and promoting the Azerbaijani national dances, played major role in promoting Azerbaijan in the world.

This is how she recalled one of her participations in a dance competition in Baku: "During my high school years, there was a competition of talented young people organized at the initiative of the dancer Ashraf Safarov which was aimed at creating a dance ensemble. I was also included in the group of young people to participate in the selection. When the jury asked which kind of music I was going to dance, I replied "Hopsa". At that time, both the jury and the singers said that there was no such a dance, and asked me to show my talent. But as I remembered the phrase "Hopsa" from the sports classes, I started to hum along while dancing. When the dance performance was over I could see the applause of the audience and the jury's approval. I was later informed that I had been accepted into that group."

She became a dancer. Such a professional dancer that was not only famous and admired in Azerbaijan, but also in the whole world. Amina Khanum became famous for her performance of national dances as "Vaghzali-Mirzayi", "Turaji", "Tarakama", "Naz elama", "Innabi" and others. One of her most difficult dances was "Turaji": "I have danced "Turaji" before and severely injured my knee during one of the practices. Suddenly, I heard that Maestro Niyazi was coming to watch my dance performance. And I didn't know what to do. I didn't have the courage to say that my leg was hurt. Neither did I follow the doctor's advice. As I climbed up the stage and performed, I was thinking that when I finished my dancing, Niyazi would raise and congratulate me. Instead, Maestro Niyazi left silently without saying a word. I was very disappointed then. A few days later I was told that he was asking for me. I went up to him. He said: "Aminka (he used to call me by this name), there will be a state concert at the Opera House. I have included "Turaji" into the program. You will dance, accompanied by the symphony orchestra. If Maestro asked, it meant that I could have no chance to object. Finally, we prepared and performed with great success."

Amina Dilbazi's spouse was composer and People's Artist Jovdat Hajiyev. Amina Khanum was telling that she and Jovdat Hajiyev had such a lifelong love that not everyone could have. Their marriage has begun as if in fairy tales.

She recalled that one of those days, young composer Jovdat Hajiyev took her to the marriage office without prior notice to her. Fearing that she, who was telling "it's too early", would not agree with him, Hajiyev pre-arranged everything with her cousin, poetess Mirvarid Dilbazi. Great Azerbaijani poet Samad Vurgun and Mirvarid Dilbazi also attended their wedding ceremony. This is how the foundation of a happy family was laid.

Amina Dilbazi had spent her life with such a personality like Jovdat Hajiyev. She had always advised women to become a dedicated mother, devoted wife, patriotic person and a true citizen. She had turned her living room into a museum. She created her own museum while she was alive, so that she could not miss when seeing her own past.



28 November 2019 11:37 - Culture

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