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Pakistan Celebrates Independence Day Amid Tensions With India

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan warned Wednesday India’s recent controversial actions in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir territory have endangered the regional peace.

Khan made the statement in connection with his country’s Independence Day celebrations, more than a week after India unilaterally revoked the semi-autonomous status of its portion of the divided Himalayan region.

The Indian government also has deployed tens of thousands of additional troops and placed millions of Kashmiris under an unprecedented security lockdown to quell widespread violent reaction. Restrictions, however, have since reportedly been eased in parts of the region.

“Independence Day is an opportunity for great happiness, but today we are saddened by the plight of our Kashmiri brothers in occupied Jammu and Kashmir who are victims of Indian oppression,” Khan said. “I assure my Kashmiri brothers that we stand with them,” he vowed.

Khan traveled Wednesday to the Pakistani part of of the disputed region, known as Azad Kashmir, to express solidarity with Kashmiris living in the Indian-administered.area.

Islamabad, which controls a part of Kashmir and also claims the region in its entirety, has already expelled the Indian high commissioner to Pakistan, suspended all bilateral trade and public transport links in response to new Delhi’s August 5 decision.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

15 August 2019 11:47 -

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