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Congolese Mother and Childs Recovery Offers Hope in Ebola Fight

Esperance Nabintu, holding her son Ebenezer Fataki, celebrates the pair’s recovery from Ebola. Nabintu spoke at a news conference outside the treatment center in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Aug. 13, 2019. (A. Malivika)

GOMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - This report originated in VOA’s Swahili Service.

After 29 days at an Ebola treatment center in eastern Congo, fighting for their lives, a mother and her young son were discharged Tuesday amid applause and laughter.

“I feel very good and my son also is well,” a smiling Esperance Nabintu told a small crowd gathered outside the treatment center for a short, celebratory news conference. She wiped tears from the cheeks of her 1-year-old son, Ebenezer Fataki, who squirmed and cried.

She wore a white T-shirt that proclaimed, in French, “I am cured of Ebola.”

Both Nabintu and her child have recovered from the virus that killed Nabintu’s husband weeks ago, doctors say.

Theirs are among more than 2,800 confirmed cases of the disease that has claimed nearly 1,900 lives since the outbreak began a year ago in the eastern DRC.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

14 August 2019 14:48 -

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