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Bid is conducted on 3 lots.

Lot-1. Purchase of 2370 t of “Pump compressor pipes” under DAP Baku terms

Lot-2 Purchase of 3000 pcs of “Pump hoses 19 mm complete with couplings and protectors” and 3000 pcs of “Pump hoses 22 mm complete with couplings and protectors” under DAP Baku terms

Lot-3 Purchase of 980 pcs of “Well pump with hoses” under DAP Baku terms

Bid participants are offered to present their writ­ten, signed and sealed offers in double envelope.

Quality of items, their low cost, the most effici­ent bid offer on the basis of criterions indicated in the key terms will be preferred during assessment of offers. Bid participants should have necessary financial and technical abilities for execution of contract.

Goods purchased by this tender are exempt from paying for imports and are not subject to VAT (0%)

Interested ones, wishing to participate in the bid may receive abovementioned key terms after transfer of participation fee to the account of the Representative of “Surakhani Oil Operation Com­pany S.A.” company in Azerbaijan Republic

Participation fee is AZN 300 (three hundred) for Lot-1, AZN 200 (two hundred) for Lot-2 and AZN 200 (two hundred) for Lot-3.

Title of bank: Kapital Bank OJSC, Nasimi branch

TPIN: 990003611

Code: 200112


C/A: AZ37NABZ01350100000000001944

S/A: AZ02AIIB40015019440012467111 AZN

S/A: AZ89AIIB40115018400012467111 USD

S/A: AZ69AIIB40115019780012467111 EUR

TPIN: 9900077231

Participation fee is not refunded in any cases.

Participants may receive the key terms at add­ress of Khanlar Alakbarov street, Surakhani district, Baku city (contact person Lala Nazarova, phone N: (012) 452 14 84, e-mail: [email protected]).

Following documents should be provided by applicants for participation in the bid:

- Application for participation in the bid (applicati­on should bear the name of enterprise, its address, postal code, phone numbers, surname and name of director and should be signed and sealed)

- Bank document on payment of participation fee (original)

- Bid offer (should be valid at least 30 banking days after conduction of bid procedure)

- Bank warranty in amount of 1% of the cost of bid offer (should be valid at least 60 banking days after conduction of bid procedure) should be pre­sented together with bid offer. Bid offer of applicant, failing to submit the bank warranty in bid envelope will be considered as invalid and removed from the bid

- Reference from competent authorities on absence of any overdue duties on taxes and other compulsory payments in Azerbaijan Republic

- Bank statement on financial status of applicant in last one year (if acts less than indicated period, then during whole activity period)

- Copy of financial reports of applicant affirmed by tax authorities on last one year activity

- Full name, legal status, articles of associati­on, certificate, registered country and requisites of applicant (notary affirmed copy in 2022)

- Information about ability to use from its own property independently and without any limitation

- Certificates of origin and conformity on corres­ponding items

Bid participants should present one copy of required documents to address: AZ-1042, Khanlar Alakbarov street, Surakhani settlement, Baku city, until 17:00 on February 17, 2022 and two copies of tender offer in double sealed envelopes (origi­nal and copy) to the same address until 17:00 on February 24, 2022.

Bid offers presented later than mentioned date will be returned without opening of envelopes.

Procedure of opening of bid envelopes will be held at 11:00 on February 25, 2022 in conference hall of the Representative of “Surakhani Oil Opera­tion Company S.A.” company in Azerbaijan Repub­lic (address: Khanlar Alakbarov street, Surakhani district, Baku city).

Tender commission

15 Yanvar 2022 02:48 - REKLAM VƏ ELAN

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