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Banned Hong Kong independence groups continue efforts

Banned Hong Kong independence groups continue efforts

Baggio Leung is the new spokesman for the pro-independence party Hong Kong National Front. Recently, he spoke about the need for political change in Hong Kong. “Independence is the only way for Hong Kong to survive,” he said. “Without a democratic system we can never end the privilege class ruling in Hong Kong,” he added.

He keeps his voice low, possibly because a lot of what he says could make the police consider him a threat to the state. The government of Hong Kong has ruled that his ideas are unconstitutional.

Leung is the latest young politician to call for Hong Kong’s independence from China. He says it is a necessary first step for democratic reform. He believes there can be no change without separation from China. He is not the only young person to feel this way.

Hong Kong National Front and a few other groups of mostly young people continue to call for independence or a referendum on the subject.

Many of their political ideas developed from political events that have taken place in Hong Kong since democracy protests known as the Umbrella Movement in 2014. Some young people tried to enter politics to cause change, but they found they were blocked. Leung was elected to the city’s Legislative Council in 2016. But, he was barred from office with five other pro-democracy politicians for changing his oath of office as a political protest.


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