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BBC airs reportage from Kalbajar: Armenians are taking absolutely everything with them, even removing all the windows and toilets

According to the reached agreement, the Armenians are leaving Kalbajar district.

The BBC News Channel aired a video reportage highlighting Armenians leaving from Kalbajar district which also confirms the implementation of the agreement.

“Armenians are rushing to leave. They are taking absolutely everything with them, leaving nothing behind. They even remove all the windows and toilets. They burn and destroy everything they cannot carry with them. They want to do more damage, especially by setting fires to forests and houses in Kalbajar,” BBC correspondent said.

All these facts prove once again that Armenians continue to destroy and plunder material and cultural resources in the territories of Azerbaijan.

President Ilham Aliyev also stated this fact in his interview with Russian Interfax agency on October 28. “When we liberated Fuzuli, we were unable to find a single building intact - just imagine. In the whole city. And tens of thousands people lived there. No building. I was called, and I said raise the flag on a flagpole. Do you understand? This is what they did. And look at the ruins of Aghdam, Jabrayil district. Everything is in ruins. It looked as if barbarians were there, not people. They took everything away, roofs, windows, toilets, sinks. They are just thieves,” the head of state said.

14 November 2020 15:52 - Politic

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