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Defense Ministry: All legitimate military targets of Armenia, targeting civilian population and settlements of Azerbaijan, will be destroyed

“The Ministry of Defense of Armenia admitted that the operational-tactical missile systems destroyed by the fire strike have been on combat duty on the territory of the occupied Kalbajar region of Azerbaijan and they were in a state of readiness for use. There were no civilian facilities and infrastructure on the territory,” Azerbaijan`s Ministry of Defense 

“These operational-tactical missile systems were targeted at civilian facilities and infrastructure in Azerbaijan. The allegations of the Armenian Defense Ministry that the residential settlements of Azerbaijan were not shelled from the territory of Armenia are the obvious lies.

It is an indisputable fact that Ganja, Mingachevir, and other settlements of Azerbaijan came under fire from the territory of Armenia.

Azerbaijan has no military targets and interests in the territory of Armenia. On the contrary, Armenia, opening fire from its territory on the populated areas of Azerbaijan, deliberately tries to expand the geography of the conflict.

We declare that in order to ensure the safety of its civilian population and residential settlements, Azerbaijan will continue to reserve the right to neutralize legitimate military targets,” the ministry said.

14 October 2020 14:49 - Politic

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