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President Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijani army currently inflicting blows to Armenias military positions

Armenian armed forces committed large-scale military provocations on the frontline on Sept. 27.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev has addressed the nation in this regard.

“Armenian armed forced opened fire on our settlements, as well as our military positions, from several directions this morning, using various types of weaponry, including heavy artillery. As a result of the enemy fire, there are casualties among the civilian population and our servicemen. Some people have been wounded. May God rest our martyrs in peace! Their blood will not remain unavenged," said the statement.

"The Azerbaijani army is currently firing at the enemy's military positions, and as a result of these strikes, many units of the enemy's military equipment have been destroyed," the statement said.

The statement also said that this recent provocation is another manifestation of Armenian fascism.

27 September 2020 13:45 - Official chronic
Official chronic

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