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Azerbaijani State Tourism Agency to create new tourism products

The Azerbaijani State Tourism Agency would like to create new tourism products to be more prepared for competition in the post-pandemic period, Spokesman for the State Tourism Agency Kanan Guluzade said on Sept. 9.

“The companies operating in the field of domestic tourism have been submitting their projects envisaging online placement of information about Azerbaijan and its tourism opportunities on digital platforms to the State Tourism Agency since September 8,” the spokesman said.

Stressing that this initiative is being implemented jointly with the Azerbaijan Association of Travel Agencies and the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, Guluzade added that increasing of the competitiveness of Azerbaijani tourism in the post-pandemic period is one of the main goals.

“These projects will be designed for the post-pandemic period,” the spokesman said. “Then the conditions in the tourism sector will be changed. The psychological state of people will be different. Maybe people will not prefer traveling as often as before and will pay more attention to safety issues.”

“The tourist countries will strengthen the sector in these spheres,” the spokesman said. “To be ready for such competition, we are planning to create new travel products with a focus on digitalization. We intend to increase the competitiveness of the tourism sector through the projects of the companies operating in domestic tourism."

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10 September 2020 09:56 -

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