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Baku to host Senorita Dance Show

Baku to host Senorita Dance Show

Senorita Dance Show will be presented on the stage of Elektra Events Hall on December 8. The headliners include famous European artists: two world DJs - Hip-Hop and RnB, vocalist, MC and dance group Ricky Martin and other stars, Azernews reported.

Dancing is expected until the morning, because the final part of the show is scheduled for 04:00!

The concert manager Oksana Kuzmenko noted that the project is an international union of professional ballet dancers, musicians, DJs and dancers from Cuba, Brazil and Italy.

"Besides, the world famous singer Ellis Leon will sing for the audience. All this - a show that is capable of causing a "brain explosion" put puzzles together.

The show conquered Italy, Monte Carlo, Kiev, Istanbul, Dubai, Bahrain and other cities and countries. For example, in Venice, over 70 thousand people gathered at our show," said Oksana Kuzmenko.

"We give people what they can't find in their everyday, sometimes dull lives. Only the costumes of our performers  cost  a few tens of thousand of dollars.  I think it is for these reasons that people all over the planet are waiting for our tour," she added.

Moreover, a few days before the show, buses with participants will ride the streets of Baku. Brazilian beauties will convene residents and guests of the capital on the show.


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