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Europe to need additional gas import capacity in future: Eurogas

Europe to need additional gas import capacity in future: Eurogas

Europe will need additional gas import capacity in the future, Beate Raabe, Secretary General of Eurogas, told Trend.

She noted that Eurogas takes no view on any particular infrastructure project because members are involved in different projects, depending on their regional business and investment decisions.

"However, Eurogas welcomes any new import infrastructure as indigenous production is in decline and additional import capacity, be it in the shape of pipelines or LNG terminals, will be needed in the future," said Raabe.

She noted that Eurogas is looking for energy policy to show a clear path forward for gas to help deliver the long-term EU energy transition.

"Numerous studies show that the 2050 decarbonization targets can be reached most cost-effectively with an increasing share of renewable and decarbonized gas in a cost-efficient way," added Eurogas secretary general.

Earlier, Murray Douglas, Research Director, European Gas said that higher coal prices and carbon prices will continue to support the gas demand in Europe.

Douglas pointed out that Europe’s 2010-2017 average import dependency stood at 254 bcma (51 percent). The 2020 import dependency will be 326 bcm (63 percent) and 2025 import dependency is expected to stand at 369 bcm (69 percent).


Masaim Abdullayev,
“Khalq qazeti”

2 October 2018 09:51 -

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