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FAO plans to launch three projects in Azerbaijan by end of autumn

FAO plans to launch three projects in Azerbaijan by end of autumn

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) plans to launch implementation of three projects in Azerbaijan by the end of November 2018, the Head of the Partnership and Liaison Office of FAO in Azerbaijan Melek Cakmak told Trend.

The head of the office said the projects will be implemented within the framework of the FAO-Azerbaijan cooperation program signed in 2016 and scheduled for the period until the end of 2020.

"In October, we plan to start implementing the program of development of sheep breeding and the creation of a value chain in this area. In addition, in the same month it is planned to start the implementation of the program of development of the livestock sector, by expanding knowledge in the field of artificial insemination and improving the feed base. In addition, we have proposed a project regarding potato seed production to Azerbaijan. Its implementation will also start, at the latest, until the end of November," Cakmak said.

The head of the office noted that FAO is also engaged in the elaboration of several projects aimed at strengthening the sphere of agriculture in Azerbaijan.

"We are currently elaborating several more projects. One of them is aimed at the development of hazelnut industry. Hazelnut is one of the main non-oil export goods of Azerbaijan, and we want to help the development of this sector, in particular, to increase the production of traditional varieties for Azerbaijan," she noted.

"In addition, it is planned to implement two projects in rural areas aimed at the development of self-employment of women and youth, respectively. The project will enable women and young people to increase self-employment by expansion of knowledge and vocational education in agriculture. The project will cover the population engaged in agriculture or having received agricultural education, both special secondary and higher. This will increase the income of the population and diversify the sources of income," Cakmak said.

Azerbaijan has been a member of FAO since 1995. The organization's office in the country has been operating since 2007.


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