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All Moscow’s residents to stay in home self-isolation from Monday

All Moscow residents will be required to stay in home self-isolation from Monday, Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on Sunday, TASS reported. 

"Today, I signed a decree on extra measures to prevent a rapid spread of COVID-2019," he wrote on his blog. "Starting from tomorrow, the home self-isolation regime will be binding on all Moscow residents, regardless of their age."

People will be allowed to leave their homes only for emergency medical assistance, trips to work and back, dog walking to a distance of not more than 100 meters from the house, and to buy food in the nearest store and throw away garbage. Movements across the city will be allowed for holder of special permits issued by the Moscow city government.

"A smart home regime control and movements system will be deployed in the coming days. Control will be further toughened," Sobyanin added.

People are strongly advised not to leave home without extreme necessity and to observe a distance of at least 1.5 meters.

Organizations and companies are obliged to ensure observance of the 1.5-meter distance requirement.

Masaim Abdullayev,

“Khalq qazeti”

30 2020 10:08 -

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