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ASAN service centers to operate in special mode

Starting March 29, “ASAN Xidmet” and “ASAN Kommunal” centers, established under the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of Azerbaijan, will operate in a special mode due to the special quarantine regime declared in Azerbaijan in order to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

To ensure the provision of public services during the period of the special quarantine regime, appeals and requests will be received by Call Center 108, the State Agency told AzVision.az.

In case of emergency, citizens' reception centers will operate and mobile service will be provided.

In addition, the State Agency urges citizens to use services on the e-government portal (https://www.e-gov.az).

Masaim Abdullayev,

“Khalq qazeti”

28 2020 14:27 -

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