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MP: ADEX-2018 - important event showing Azerbaijan's military potential

MP: ADEX-2018 - important event showing Azerbaijan's military potential

The international defense exhibition ADEX-2018 is an important event in terms of demonstrating Azerbaijan's military potential and power, a member of the Azerbaijani Parliament, political scientist Elman Nasirov told Trend.

Azerbaijan not only conducts international humanitarian forums, intercultural dialogue, other important events, but also holds significant international events in military sphere, Nasirov said.

"In the world, there is a growing interest in the third Azerbaijan International Exhibition ADEX-2018, which started on September 25 in Baku. The constant increase in the number of companies participating in the exhibition can be regarded as a confirmation of this," the MP said.

The MP said that Azerbaijan's military-industrial complex is developing rapidly.

"Azerbaijan produces 1,200 titles of military products. These products are also demonstrated at exhibitions held in foreign countries. The ADEX-2018 exhibition is a very important event in terms of demonstrating military potential, strength and products. Under the leadership of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Ilham Aliyev, special attention is paid to military construction and strengthening Azerbaijani army," Nasirov added.

It is no coincidence that the military expenditures of Azerbaijan's state budget for 2018 come first and amount to about 2.7 billion manats, according to Nasirov.

"This exhibition has demonstrated to the whole world that Azerbaijan has a strong economy and a strong military-industrial complex is being formed in the country. Azerbaijan not only produces military products, but also became an exporter," the MP added.

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