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Russias Nordwind Airlines looking to launch flights to Kazakh cities

Russia’s Nordwind Airlines company is looking to launch flights to Kazakhstan’s Almaty and Nur-Sultan cities, a representative of the company told Trend.

According to the decree of Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, the company was granted permission for implementation of flights on the Omsk – Almaty, Omsk – Nur-Sultan routes.

As a representative of the company noted, the Nordwind Airlines company is looking to launch flights on these routes no earlier than year 2021.

Established in 2008, Nordwind Airlines is in TOP-10 Russian airlines in terms of passenger turnover. Currently the company is implementing both internal and international flights to 75 cities in 17 countries.

Previously in 2019, Kazakhstan’s President Kassym Jomart Tokayev has ordered to increase a number of international flights implemented from Nur-Sultan.

According to Tokayev, currently the number of direct international flights operated from country’s capital Nur-Sultan does not exceed 30 routes, which is not enough.

Furthermore, Kazakhstan's Minister of Industry and Infrastructural Development of Kazakhstan Beibut Atamkulov said that Qatar Airways (Doha city, 2020), Emirates (Dubai, 2021), China Eastern (Shanghai, 2021), Ural Airlines, Pobeda and other air companies are to start operating in Kazakhstan.

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