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Passengers start disembarking quarantined cruise

Passengers aboard a virus-stricken cruise ship are finally on dry land. Those who served out a 14-day quarantine aboard the Diamond Princess have begun disembarking, with Japanese officials expecting 500 people to do so by the end of Wednesday, NHK reported.

The first group of passengers were required to test negative for the new coronavirus. They also could not have any symptoms.

These passengers are now free to return to normal life, although officials say they will check in by phone to inquire about their health over the next few days.

All the passengers who meet these requirements are scheduled to disembark the ship before the weekend.

But anyone who shared a cabin with an infected passenger have to stay on board. They will serve out another 14-day quarantine period... starting at the time they were separated.

Officials say they will discuss the timing for disembarking crew members with the ship operator.

The Diamond Princess arrived in Yokohama early this month with 3,700 passengers and crew on board.
More than 500 people have tested positive for coronavirus as of Tuesday.

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