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Ukrainian Police Major, Ex-Convict Wanted in Arson of RFE/RLs Reporters Car

Ukraines Prosecutor-General’s Office in Lviv suspects an underworld criminal and a police major of collusion in the arson of a vehicle belonging to RFE/RL correspondent Halyna Tereshchuk.

Iryna Didenko, the lead prosecutor of the Lviv region, signed the charge sheets for the two suspects on Feb. 11.

Accused of ordering the torching of the journalist’s car is a 48-year-old former convict, who is known in the criminal world for black-market schemes and stealing fuel at the Lviv railway.

Allegedly colluding with him was a 43-year-old National Police major in the Lviv region, who sought the arsonist and paid him for the crime, according to Didenko.

The suspects are on a nationwide wanted list.

Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

13 2020 14:53 -

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