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German and Greek observers: Elections were held in a democratic and transparent manner

“Everything happened as we expected. There were too many voters and observers at the polling stations. It really caught my attention,” said member of the Bavarian State Parliament of Germany Uli Henkel, who is observing parliamentary elections, at a press conference.

“Everything turned out as we expected. The elections were transparent and democratic,” said Henkel.

Member of the Hellenic Parliament Lazaros Tsavdaridis said that they visited 4 polling stations today and no violations were registered: "We were able to do our work. We talked with voters, observers, representatives of political parties and volunteers. My opinion is that the elections were held at a high level and in a democratic manner. I am happy that the elections are held at a high level in Azerbaijan."

Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

10 2020 10:18 -

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