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Residents Cope, Flee as Coronavirus Locks Down Chinas Wuhan

Residents Cope, Flee as Coronavirus Locks Down Chinas Wuhan

China's efforts to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus with a transportation lockdown are sparking confusion among residents who are unsure of what steps to take.

Some 20 million people living in four cities are impacted by the lockdown, with authorities in Hubei province's Wuhan, canceling flights and trains, and closing roads to prevent people from entering or leaving the metropolitan area, where hundreds have been infected with the pneumonia-like virus.  

But with few independent journalists operating in Wuhan, and Beijing maintaining a tight control over information, many Chinese are relying on anecdotal reports from inside the quarantined city for information about how severe the situation has become.

A resident, who scrambled to flee before the lockdown, said that he was surprised to find the city’s airport screening measures at the last minute were looser than expected.

“Upon my arrival [in another Chinese city], I had to go through stricter screening measures, which were not available before I flew out of Wuhan. This is so ridiculous that a stronger action is taken in a city, which isn’t hit as hard as Wuhan,” the resident told VOA on the condition of anonymity.  

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