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“Nigar” poetry night held at Palace of Shirvanshahs

“Nigar” poetry night held at Palace of Shirvanshahs

A poetry night by the renowned Azerbaijani poet, author and director of the “Literary” project of the Ministry of Culture Nigar Hasanzade, complemented by Azerbaijani music and choreographic ensembles, has been held at the “Takht-Taj” hall of the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. The poetry night was attended by People's Poets, famous writers, culture and art figures.

The event featured recitation of selected poems from the author’s books such as “The wings on the horizon,” “Silver”, “In other people’s shadows", "Wrists” by Honored Artists Husniyya Murvatova, Gulzar Gurbanova and Munavvar Aliyeva. Then, Nigar Hasanzade presented some examples of her own poems which have not yet been published. Hasanzade's poems have been praised by the leading poets in countries such as England, Germany, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia, Poland and Russia, being translated and published in the literary magazines. She received the “Humay” national award in Azerbaijan in 2002, her poems were included into the Russian Women Poets Anthology of UK’s “Modern Poetry in Translations”, as well as Anthology of 70 Russian women poets of the 20th century – “Russian Women Poets. Nigar Hasanzade was also included on the list of "The 10 best foreign poets" living in the UK.

Anar Turan,
“Khalq qazeti”                                                                    

24 2020 14:11 -
27 February 2020 | 13:00
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