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Elmeddin Behbud: “The public is quite interested in the elections”

Elmeddin Behbud: “The public is quite interested in the elections”

“There are wide opportunities for candidates to campaign now. The ensured conditions, as well as the use of internet resources provide ample opportunities for candidates to be recognized and work with population groups”, chairman of the Public Association "In the name of Democratic Azerbaijan", political analyst Elmeddin Behbud told secki-2020.az.

He said that all conditions were ensured to hold upcoming parliamentary elections in a transparent and democratic environment. This year’s elections will be held in a more competitive environment compared to the previous parliamentary elections. The public is quite interested in the elections, because we observe a considerable number of candidates, and prospective and ambitious people representing different social categories participate in the election process.

The head of the NGO added that the participation and active campaigning of new young candidates in the election process also stimulates the pre-election environment.

Anar Ali,
"Khalq qazeti"

23 2020 15:17 -
27 February 2020 | 13:00
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