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Thousands Hold Peaceful Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia

Thousands Hold Peaceful Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia

Thousands of gun-rights activists, including armed militia members, rallied peacefully Monday in the capital of the southeastern U.S. state of Virginia in opposition to proposed gun control regulations.

Despite fears the rally could turn violent, the protest ended without reports of incidents or arrests. Reporters at the rally say the mood was mostly festive, with demonstrators chanting "USA, USA." Many in the crowd wore clothing with slogans supporting President Donald Trump.

Ahead of the rally, security was increased around the state Capitol in Richmond, where a state of emergency is in effect until Tuesday. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam last Wednesday issued the declaration which barred all weapons from Capitol Square to prevent "armed militia groups (from) storming our capitol."

Guns were still allowed outside Capitol Square, and many people attending the rally came to Richmond carrying their rifles.

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27 February 2020 | 13:00
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