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SOCAR Petroleum signs deal to build new filling station for diesel fuel, LNG

The Xaliq Faiqoğlu company and the SOCAR Petroleum closed joint-stock company signed a cooperation agreement, Trend reports with reference to Xaliq Faiqoğlu company.

An agreement was reached on the construction of a new filling station that meets modern standards, to provide high-quality diesel fuel and in the future - liquefied natural gas.

At the signing ceremony held on November 25 at the head office of the Xaliq Faiqoğlu company, the general director of the company Faig Seidov highly appreciated the cooperation with SOCAR Petroleum.

He said that over the last three years, the company brought environmentally friendly vehicles to Baku, adding that the company’s bus fleet is regularly updated, and that negotiations are being conducted with foreign financial structures on the acquisition by 2022 of 120 modern buses operating on LNG.


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29 November 2019 10:24 -

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