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Albania Death Toll Rises to 30 as State of Emergency Declared

TIRANA, DURRëS, THUMANë - The death toll from the strongest earthquake to hit Albania in more than three decades rose to at least 30 Wednesday, as the country observed a day of mourning.

Her voice trembling, Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka read the names of the victims. Among the deaths, which included children, were at least 14 people killed in the coastal city of Durrës, at least 15 in Thumanë, and at least one in Kurbin. Officials said the death toll could increase further, with several people still unaccounted for. Hundreds of others were taken to hospitals with injuries.

The government declared a state of emergency for the areas affected the most, as rescue crews continued to work to pull people from the rubble.

Rescue teams and specialized crews were dispatched from neighboring Kosovo, Italy and Greece.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

28 November 2019 10:04 -

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