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Radical opposition begs help from external anti-Azerbaijani forces - MP

Radical opposition begs help from external anti-Azerbaijani forces - MP

The opposition canceled the rally scheduled for Nov. 2, and the lack of people’s support is the main reason for this, Azerbaijani MP from the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Sona Aliyeva told Trend Nov. 2.

Aliyeva said that it is a well-known fact that there is no electorate behind the radical opposition.

“Let’s pay attention to the rally on October 19: attempts were made to hold an illegal rally - not in the place proposed by the Baku Executive Power, but namely in the city center,” the MP said. “Everyone knows that thousands of people gather around the 28 May metro station every day. Everyone understands what this choice of the radical opposition was designed for. The main goal was to create the look of chaos and demonstrate it to their patrons. The radical opposition, which has no electorate, is begging for help from external anti-Azerbaijani forces.”

“This was also confirmed during the speech of the head of the so-called National Council Jamil Hasanli in the US,” Sona Aliyeva added. “By urging international organizations to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan, he revealed the true, anti-national face of the radical opposition.”

“The truth is that the Azerbaijani people see no alternative to President Ilham Aliyev,” the MP said. “The work carried out under the leadership of the president and the ongoing reforms are designed to further improve the welfare of the country’s citizens.”


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