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DRC Unrest Sparks Concerns of Regional Refugee Crisis

DRC Unrest Sparks Concerns of Regional Refugee Crisis

Months of unrelenting militia attacks in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo are driving more people from their homes, adding to the millions already displaced and threatening to spread insecurity elsewhere in Africa's Great Lakes region, observers warn.

This week, people fleeing the conflict lugged small children and possessions as they trekked across the DRC's eastern border into Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

They fault the Mai Mai, a general name for the scores of armed fighting groups that have engaged in ethnic clashes for decades. Since May, attackers have burned about 160 villages of Banyamulenge ethnic Tutsis, killed at least 200 people, stolen cattle that provide their livelihoods, and forced more than 200,000 to flee, according to Congo Today, a nonprofit group that promotes peace and reconciliation among Congolese tribes.  


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

30 October 2019 11:15 - Economy

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