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Mixed Message: Boris Johnson Seeks Brexit Delay, Sort Of

LONDON - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pressed ahead Sunday with plans to try to win parliamentary backing for his new Brexit deal even as the European Union began considering his grudging request to extend the looming Brexit deadline.

As the dust settled on a day of high drama in Parliament, the next steps in Britain's divisive, tortuous Brexit saga became clear. Monday will feature more legal action, more arm-twisting, cajoling and veiled threats by Johnson and his ministers and more amendments designed by lawmakers to stymie Johnson's plan to have Britain leave the 28-nation bloc on Oct. 31.

In the midst of all this, EU leaders and officials across the Channel were pondering whether to grant the British leader a Brexit extension that he does not even want.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a statement to lawmakers inside a crowded House of Commons in London, Oct. 19, 2019. At a rare weekend session, Johnson implored legislators to ratify a last-minute Brexit deal he struck with EU leaders.

As required by law, Johnson sent a letter to the EU Saturday seeking a delay to Britain's impending Oct. 31 departure. He waited until the last possible moment, withheld his signature and immediately followed it with a signed letter indicating that he doesn't favor another Brexit extension.


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21 October 2019 11:49 -

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