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IS Families Call for Uprising in Wake of Turkish Military Operations

AL-HOL CAMP, SYRIA - "Get out of here!" shouts a woman draped in black, sitting on cardboard in the dusty camp market.

She juts her elbow at a Brazilian cameraman as he bends over to take a picture. She is carrying a hammer and an angled metal rod.

We are the first reporters inside the al-Hol Camp since Turkish military operations began in northeastern Syria last week. Officials say since the conflict began, the camp, which houses 71,000 people, has become "out of control." 

There have been escapes, threats, attacks and open calls for uprising in the past week after most of the forces securing the camp moved to the front lines.  The women, many from among the most hard-core IS families, are openly hostile.

"Who are you to take pictures of us?" the woman in the market barks.  "Goddamn you," mutters another woman as she walks by me and my Kurdish translator. We cannot see their faces, but we feel we are not welcome.

This is my third visit to al-Hol Camp since last winter, when tens of thousands of women and children poured out of the last IS stronghold as it fell. They are mostly families of IS fighters who retreated with the militant group for years as Syrian, U.S. led-coalition and Iraqi forces drove them out of the lands they once held. 


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

18 October 2019 12:31 -

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