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UN: Half of African Children Are Unregistered

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA - The United Nations says about half of all children in Africa are not registered at birth, a lapse that prevents them from accessing essential social services such as health and education.  The U.N. says a number of African countries are working towards addressing this problem, but the countries say resources to make that a reality are scarce.

According to the United Nations, the problem of unregistered children in Africa is worst in rural areas, where women give birth at home and don't bother to register the child with the government.

Speaking on the sidelines of an ongoing conference of African ministers responsible for civil registration, Coumbia Mar Gadio, the head of the U.N. in Zambia, said the problem makes it hard for such children to build prosperous lives.

"If you are not registered at birth you are not accounted for," said Gadio. "Therefore in many African countries you cannot access education systems because to be registered in many schools, you need a birth certificate...  And if you are not registered in the educational system you are missing a great opportunity to be educated, to get employment and to be out of poverty."

Oliver Chinganya is the director of the African Statistics Center at the U.N.’s Economic Commission for Africa, one of the agencies which organized the five-day conference in Lusaka, together with the African Union.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

16 October 2019 13:09 -

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