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Hong Kong Officials Label Democracy Protests Public Safety Threat

HONG KONG — Hong Kong pro-democracy groups scaled down demonstrations over the weekend, as government officials increasingly categorize the protests as a threat to public safety and equate violence committed by activists with domestic terrorism.

For the last four months, Hong Kong has been disrupted by often massive and violent protests against what is seen as Beijing's efforts to erode the autonomy and civil liberties that the Chinese-ruled city enjoys under its "one-country -two systems" model.

On a rainy Sunday, over 1,000 protesters lined the balconies of a shopping mall in central Hong Kong, chanting "fight for freedom."

Some masked activists in the mall disrupted a suspected Chinese-owned restaurant by sending in hundreds of fake food orders on electronic kiosks.  At police headquarters a group of senior citizens called the "Silver-Haired Marchers" held a weekend-long sit-in at police headquarters to show support for the predominately young protesters.

A group of demonstrators made paper folding cranes at an event in in Kowloon, across from Hong Kong Island.


Aliqismet BADALOV,
“Khalq qazeti”

14 October 2019 11:25 -

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