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Elchin Guliyev visits border with Armenia, instructs to prevent enemy provocations

Chief of the State Border Service, Colonel-General Elchin Guliyev of the Border Guards of the Border Troops of the State Border Service on the border with Armenia at the Gazakh border audited its activities, SBS reports.

The head of the State Border Service, Colonel-Colonel Elchin Guliyev checked the combat activity of military units and divisions in Gazakh border guard detachment of State Border Service, the press center of the State Border Service reports.

The inspection was held on October 2-3.

Report of the officials on operational conditions at the service area, regular ceasefire violations by Armenian divisions, provocation and diversion efforts and measures carried out in this regard, as well as the necessary instructions were given to increase the combat readiness of the military units and divisions, to provide inviolability of the state border and the security of the personnel.


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3 October 2019 16:40 -

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