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Kyrgyzstan's foreign trade turnover increases

Kyrgyzstan's foreign trade turnover increases

Kyrgyzstan's foreign trade turnover in January-July 2018 amounted to $3.8 billion increasing 14 percent compared to the same period of 2017, Kyrgyz National Statistical Committee reported.

Export operations decreased by 1.6 percent, while imports, on the contrary, increased by 20 percent. The decrease in exports was due to a decrease in gold supplies (22.2 percent), as well as precious metal ores and concentrates (7.5 percent).

Along with this, electricity supply increased by 16.9 percent, textile and textile products - 2.2 times, cotton fiber - 2.2 times, and dried legumes - 33.3 percent.

Trade between Kyrgyzstan and members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) amounted to $1.3 billion, with an increase of 0.3 percent compared to January-July 2017. Import of goods decreased by 2.8 percent, while export deliveries, in contrast, increased by 10.4 percent.

Kyrgyzstan's main trade partners in the EEU are Russia (66.2 percent) and Kazakhstan (32.1 percent).

During the period, the trade between Kyrgyzstan and China amounted to $1.23 billion. Imports amounted to $1.19 billion, while exports to $36 million.


Masaim Abdullayev,
“Khalq qazeti”


13 2018 18:03 -

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