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Azerbaijans Agroleasing company launches preferential sale of mineral fertilizers

The Azerbaijani leasing company Agroleasing LLC has launched the pre-season preferential sale of mineral fertilizers, Trend reports on Sept. 9.

The beginning of sales with 70 percent discounts for farmers in connection with the beginning of cotton harvesting was announced at a press-conference by Chairman of the Board of Agroleasing company Elmin Rahmanov. The benefits are given to protect the fields from such pests as aphid.

The company plans to organize field sales in 15 settlements on a daily basis in connection with the big area allocated for grain. Agroleasing company plans to visit about 600 villages during the month.

Rahmanov also stressed that all agricultural activities related to the cultivation of cotton have been completed.

“Cotton is being harvested,” he said. “In this regard, the company has prepared 123 cotton harvesters. In total, 411 combines have been prepared for harvesting in the country.”

“Moreover, Agroleasing prepared 125 Belorus-80X tractors and 220 trailers for the use by the district departments,” he added.

In conclusion, Rahmanov stressed that 100,100 hectares have been allocated for sowing cotton in 21 Azerbaijani districts this year, 96,200 hectares of which belong to legal entities, while about 3,900 hectares to individuals.

The field sales of fertilizers will be launched on September 10 from Alasgarli settlement in Shamkir district.


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