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Azerbaijani official: Elimination of terrorism - serious issue to be discussed within ICAPP

It should be admitted that terrorism as a whole isn’t characteristic of the political culture of Asia, Azerbaijani deputy prime minister, Deputy Chairman - Executive Secretary of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) Ali Ahmadov said, Trend reports.

He was speaking in Baku at the fifth meeting of the Youth Wing and the sixth meeting of the Women’s Wing of the ICAPP (International Conference of Asian Political Parties).

However, unfortunately, it is impossible not to notice the disasters that terrorism brings to people on the Asian continent, he said.

“I am sure that the ICAPP is duly fulfilling its mission to eliminate problems in this area,” he noted.

He added that this conference is an important platform in terms of discussing various political issues in the Asian region.

He emphasized that the future of society and humanity cannot be imagined without the development observed in Asian countries.

“The biggest continent in this part of the world makes great contribution to the world economy, global development, and has great potential from the point of view of perspectives,” he said. “At the same time, there are great contrasts in the Asian region: on one hand, rapid development is observed, on the other hand, there are tendencies of developmental delay at a worrying level. On the one hand, wealth, and on the other hand, poverty is observed, which is generally characteristic of the Asian region.”

Ahmadov emphasized that along with the discussion of today’s realities of Asia, the conference has a lot of work to prepare projects in connection with future development, conducting discussions on the problems of concern to the country.

“In particular, the problems of youth and women should be noted,” he said. “One of the issues typical for Asian countries is related to the high share of youth in the population due to its dynamic growth. This indicates how important the work related to youth in the activities of the ICAPP is. The ICAPP may play a major role in the development of democracy, human rights, political pluralism. I believe that one of the important conditions for the development of the countries of the region is related to the development of political pluralism, support for the development of democracy, human rights.”

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