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Pakistan interested in creating JVs with Azerbaijan

Pakistan is interested in creating joint ventures with Azerbaijan, Ambassador of Pakistan to Azerbaijan Saeed Khan Mohmand told Trend. 

The ambassador noted that joint projects can be implemented in various production areas, in particular in the production of textile products.“Pakistan’s textile industry is well developed, it is one of the strongest sectors of the country’s economy, which accounts for the biggest share of industrial exports,” he said. “In export deliveries to Azerbaijan, textile products account for 60 percent.”

The ambassador also noted that rice holds the second place in the structure of deliveries to Azerbaijan. He added that the issue of creating joint ventures with Azerbaijan may be considered in the near future.

“At the moment, it is necessary to increase the potential for interaction, strengthen ties in the areas of economy and trade,” he said. “It is very important to create optimal conditions for doing business for foreign entrepreneurs, for example, expand the list of benefits, in particular, reduce tariffs on household and utility services.”

He added that the textile industry of Azerbaijan is poorly developed, but in recent years, thanks to reforms carried out in the field of economy, this industry may reach a new level of development.


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6 2019 09:20 -

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