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New UK ambassador eyes to bring relations with Azerbaijan to higher level

New UK Ambassador to Baku James Sharp has expressed intention to bring relations between his country and Azerbaijan to a higher level, Trend reports.

The diplomat made the remarks in a video message posted on the Facebook page of the UK Embassy in Baku.

“I am very pleased to be the ambassador here,” he said. “Azerbaijan is a country that is developing at an accelerated pace and is important for the UK. There are strong historical ties between the UK and Azerbaijan. I intend to further develop these ties and bring relations to a higher level. This includes strengthening our political relations, supporting the territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan and expanding our cooperation in the trade and energy sectors, which is today at a high level. At the same time, I would like to further strengthen the ties between the citizens of the two countries in such fields as education, tourism, sports and culture.”

He also expressed interest in conducting open and fruitful discussions on democracy and human rights.


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5 2019 14:30 -

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