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Colombia Ex-rebels Join Quest to Find Nation s Missing

Colombia Ex-rebels Join Quest to Find Nation s Missing

BOGOTA - Ex-combatants with Colombia's once largest guerrilla group turned over names and information Tuesday on several hundred people who went missing during the nation's long civil conflict in a first step toward helping more families find closure.

The list was provided to a special unit tasked with finding the missing and contains details on 276 individuals, a small number compared to the more than 60,000 people believed to be disappeared during more than five decades of conflict.

Nonetheless, Luz Marina Monzon, the search group's director, described it as an important "first step of many'' that former combatants are making in compliance with Colombia's historic 2016 peace accord. As part of the peace deal, rebels with the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia promised to provide information on the scores who are still missing from the conflict between leftist guerrillas, paramilitaries and the state.

"We hope to find them and return them to their families,'' Monzon said of the missing.

During the last two years, 71 ex-combatants have been collecting information on cases from 15 departments around the nation. Over half of the cases detailed by the rebels involve individuals who were members of illegal armed groups. Another quarter are civilians, while a very small number are members of the police or military.

Jaime Alberto Parra, a former rebel commander known as "The Doctor," said the information provided Tuesday shows the ex-combatants' commitment to the accord and called on the government to provide more resources.


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