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North Korea Fires More Weapons; Criticizes South Korea

North Korea Fires More Weapons; Criticizes South Korea

SEOUL — North Korea has launched a fresh round of short-range weapons into the sea off its east coast, South Korea’s military reported - Pyongyang’s latest apparent outburst of anger at continued U.S.-South Korean military drills.

The North fired two “unidentified projectiles” Friday from Gangwon province in the northeast part of North Korea, according to a statement from Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. The weapons traveled about 230 kilometers, reaching a height of 30 kilometers, the statement said.

North Korea has conducted six launches in about the past three weeks. Combined with a series of aggressive statements toward South Korea, the launches mark a return to a more provocative stance for Pyongyang, which has refused to hold talks with Seoul or Washington.

Following an emergency meeting Friday, South Korea’s National Security Council called on North Korea to stop the launches and warned that such activity may increase military tensions.

Though it isn’t clear what North Korea launched Friday, the North’s other recent tests involved short-range ballistic missiles that appear designed to evade U.S.-South Korean missile defenses.


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